It is with great pleasure and excitement that the District 2 Community Enhancement Corporation announces the launching of one of its newest programs, One Vision One Voice, (OVOV). As the State of Louisiana seeks to strengthen its infrastructure in this Post-Katrina and Rita era, the need to develop more creative and viable approaches to promoting learning and providing resources to our schools has taken a greater dimension. OVOV will promote music education and generate resources that will enhance music programs in New Orleans Schools.


The District 2 Community Enhancement Corporation is a non-profit corporation organized to enhance the quality of life for its citizens through advocacy, programming and organized community action. The mission of One Vision One Voice is to challenge students and maximize their talent in a way that will nurture their growth and lifetime well being.


OVOV is a cutting edge music education venture designed to explore the concept of music education from an alternative view. This program will usher young people into the world of professional music by making them apart of an actual music recording production.


Through the use of the musician’s works, students will learn editing and enhancement techniques that will result in a customized CD. Students will be exposed to the inner workings of songwriting and production, the operation of recording studios and also the important business development component of writing and producing music. OVOV has identified songwriters, musicians, directors, vocal instructors, and producers to enhance the programs developmental process and ensure students receive a global perspective relative to music production and sales.


OVOV further seeks to contribute to the general education curriculum opportunities for students to experience the academic discipline, art, and business of music. Its performance based activity provides students with the opportunity to experience the artistic and communicative values of music.